Ending the “either/or”. #GLAMBlogClub

A few days ago, I decided this blog had been dormant long enough, and I logged in to kill it off all together. This morning (December 31st), I woke up determined to revive it. Then I buggered around second guessing myself for a few hours.

This is exactly how the last few years have played out in terms of my PhD, my career choices and my social life. But I’m trying to be kinder to myself. I like to think about things deeply. I like to commit to things and then I also like to change my mind. This year, my motto has been: “Why not both?”

Why not end AND beginning? Why not #yay innovation AND I am a “neo-liberal pawn caught up in capitalist ideas about progress”? Why not critical interrogation AND participation?

I feel terrible about social media, and at the same time, I love it. I need you, my library people. But oh man, it makes me feel as if everything I think is wrong. This was the thing that made me feel the worst this year:

DL: Why limit this to student perceptions? The real threat is the lack of understanding of libraries and their potential by university management, who underfund and treat them like “helpers” rather than colleagues.
RM: But also, there’s nothing wrong with helping. there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. I am a librarian. I am here to help.
DL: There are lots of people at universities who can help The problem is when one category of people are reduced to “only” helpers. You are more than “help” you are a professional with expertise.
RM: Yes! Both! A professional who can help, just like doctors, nurses, psychologists… my issue is with the denigration of “help” in favour of professional/expert. However I disagree that there are lots of people at unis who can help. A lot of people can’t, don’t or won’t help.

But ultimately, I think that’s ok. I can feel bad, and keep on going. In fact, I have to. But grit and resillience can get stuffed.